2017… get with it

Well, they just mentioned this blog on the radio so i had better put up a recent podcast i have been devouring.

My Dad Wrote A Porno

Yeah it sounds weird and I suppose it is a bit but mainly it is hilarious. It is basically three good friends in London reading and discussing (and mainly critisizing) a porno that one of them was embarrassed to find his father had written in retirement. After you listen to a few episodes you become a good friend too and that is the joy of this podcast.

WARNING: It is certainly not to be listened to with kids around

Here are the crew; James Cooper, Jamie Morton and the gorgeous Alice Levine. This pose pretty much sums up their reactions to nearly every sentence of the best selling porno written by Jamies dad – Belinda Blinked…

Well, it feels like I was there too…

It has been a little while but I have been testing some great new podcasts over the last two months and i am planning to bring you best of my recent investigations…

Matt Gourleys podcast I Was There Too offers a great insight onto some of the great movie sets of the late 20th century. He generally finds someone who was there, not the star, not the director but more of a bit player who is happy to tell us what it was actually like to be there while they were making classic movie scenes.

You can listen to the podcast through itunes or by going to the website here.

A few of my favorites were episodes involving the following films;
Groundhog Day with “Ned Ryerson!”
Raiders of The Lost Ark
Mrs Doubtfire
Captain EO
The Dead Poets Society

If you want some insight into the how it actually feels to be on the set of these films then you will love this podcast. The Goodfellas and Raiders episode really stood out for me with some suprising insider knowledge and funny stories.

Wow! It’s 2016!

Well, yesterday I rolled over and it was 1996, and now it’s TWENTY years later!  How bizarre.

Following on from from the last post, here is another one to prove something that is often forgotten these days, they really knew how to do radio back in the day…

Here is a timeless bunch of classic stories on radio from the 1940′s – 1950′s. Some big names step in to give really great and often thrilling tales from the golden days of radio, just before television stepped in and made radio somewhat irrelevant.

Radio Noir

Get some of this tension into your life…

Well It’s not irrelevant! It’s  a whole bunch of tales fantastically calculated to fill you with dread and….SUSPENSE! They are well written and superbly acted!


There are an incredible 909 episodes of SUSPENSE! Sure, not all of them are absolutely unmissable, but with an average of 40 episodes a year for 20 years, there are some good stories here, and some stellar actors doing the words.

Enjoy them and i would love to hear which random episodes you think are really good.
A clue is that many of the good ones are repeated… and some of them became movies with the same actors shortly after or before recording.


OH! That’s meeee….. Groucho Marx!!

I have long been a big fan of The Marx Brothers and especially Groucho. I think he has had a huge influence on the comedy of the 20th century and even into the 21st century with his quick witted wisecracks and comments.

I was pretty happy to recently come across this archive of 160 episodes of You Bet Your Life from the late forties up until around 1960. This early example of crowd work is amazing, off the cuff comments and quickfire puns, some of which even Groucho comments on their groan worthiness.


Groucho apparently wasn’t really that interested in doing a radio quiz show until he realised that the real interest in the show was his interaction with the guests. There are also available some unedited episodes which go for a full hour rather than the final half-hour show that went to air. Even 60+ years later it is amazing how quick and funny Groucho is with his wisecracking and gentle ribbing.

The guests are also a pretty interesting cross-section of the public in those far off and simpler times. The men are manly and most of the women are married housewives, doing secretarial work or looking for a husband. There is a lot of focus on marraige and getting couples together and the resulting (pretty tame) sexual innuendo that could go to air in prime-time. Groucho’s interaction with announcer Geoerge Fenneman is often great.

I love the way Groucho says ” (Washington) IIS RIIIGHT!) when the guests give the correct answer.

The advertising is a bit annoying but keep in mind that this was pretty early days of mass advertising.

Give it a go with a few random episodes and if you like it go back to the start and work your way through the entire archive, I have just reached episode 80 at the bottom of the first column…  really?   YOU BETCHOR LIFE!

What The F….?

I don’t know why I haven’t done a post on Marc Marons WTF! podcast before, maybe because it is the biggest podcast in the world and I figured everyone already knew about it.

Well, I have loved it for a few years in fact ever since Todd Glass talked about coming out on it. I don’t know who all the guests are but over the last year or two there isn’t many people of note that haven’t been on it.It has also allowed him to make and star in his own tv show, called Maron.

You can just go to the podcast site and see which guests you are interested in

Last month he had Mick Jagger on followed by Keith Richards and I thought he couldn’t top that but now it has become world news that President Barack Obama has flown in and spent an hour in Marcs garage chatting.

It is a really good interview and follow up episode explaining the madness that prevails when the President is coming to sit in your garage. Marc kept his shit together and made it a really interesting and insightful conversation. Check it out.


You must remember this, otherwise let me tell you about it

Hello, it’s been a while since I added a new post, but that’s just because I have been mainly listening to a lot of The Dollop, Green Guide Letters and the Dum Dum club (links to which can be found elsewhere on this site).

Of the few new podcasts i have been trying out one or two have stood out.

You Must Remember This is a weekly dose of tales from old Hollywood.


There are some great stories and the host, Karina Longworth, is good at telling the tales and filling in the little details that bring them to life. My only complaint is that at around 30-40 minutes long they are sometimes a bit short.

There is currently a long 5-6 part story of Charlie Manson and his freaky family. Some of the other good stories are about Judy Garland, Errol Flynn, Walt Disney, Charlie Chaplin and Frank Sinatra. There is an ongoing theme of Hollywood during the Second World War.

If you are interested in La-La Lands often seedy underbelly give it a listen.

A nice big Dollop of hilarity

I haven’t posted many new links lately but I have been listening. I’ve had a lot of work on recently, and so have had ample time to tune in to lots of aural content.

I must have heard about 30 episodes of The Crabfeast over the last 2 months. Ryan and Jay and their guests are good company. The fun level is up and down depending on the guest but once the stories start flowing it’s generally an hour of good times.

What has been catching my ear obsessively over the last 3 weeks has been The Dollop, a sometimes educational but always hilarious podcast by Dave Anthony and Gary(!) Reynolds. I first heard of Dave on Wil Andersons FOFOP as the “number one guest Charlie” but on The Dollop he really comes into his own.

Excellent Dollop poster image by James Fosdike

The premise of The Dollop is quite simple, Dave does quite a bit of research into some very strange person or event in US history and as he explains it to Gary (or Gareth if you prefer) the comedy ensues. The fun is in the absolutely unbelievable weirdness of the subject matter. Gary isn’t aware of the subject matter beforehand and so is hearing the facts evolve along with us, the audience.

They are both good at cracking each other up with over-the-top asides and interuptions, voices and palpable disbelief. The story usually start sort of normal and Gary keeps guessing where things are going to turn down bizarro Avenue, when the weirdness starts to pile up I ususally find that I have to pause the podcast and spend 5 minutes online googling whatever person or subject is the topic and seeing for myself that this is a true story. It always is.

My favourite episodes would have to The Rube, The Tank Chase, The Jackson Cheese, Ten Cent Beer Night, Purity Balls, Ooofy Goofty, The Vampire Panic and David Hahn, amongst others but they are all pretty funny. Start with The Rube and see what you think…

One that was excellent and insightful, but not very funny was Ferguson about the race riots, protests and general craziness this year in the town of Ferguson, Missouri.

The only thing that could make The Dollop better would be if they got hold the people that animated the Ricky Gervais show and did the same thing with The Dollop.

My only complaint is that I have nearly listened to them all and waiting a week for each new episode will be a drag…



10,000 in 2014

Hi all,

I thought I had better get behind this before the end of the year. Steele Saunders of the I Love Green Guide Letters Podcast is trying to get 10,000 itunes podcast subscribers before the end of 2014. ILGGL was one of the first local podcasts I listened to and still one of my absolute favourites. It is consistently good with great guests and hilarious conversations. I love that it is based on a letters page of (generally grumpy) people complaining about TV shows.

If you haven’t heard it yet, get on board and help Steele hit his benchmark. Also if you get the chance to go to one of the live shows, don’t miss it. I went to the 1st year anniversary and it was great fun with guests Tom Gleeson and Derryn Hinch.

Steele has now got another podcast up called This Isnt The Podcast Your Looking For and is a humorous discussion on all things Star Wars (one of Steele’s obsessions). Some interesting podcasts from comic con and other conventions as well as some great guests getting nerdy.

Guests on I Love Green Guide Letters

A sample of the guests on I Love Green Guide Letters

By the way…

Larry David and Jeff Garlin in conversation.

By The Way, In Conversation with Jeff Garlin is a fun podcast. Much more of a chat than an interview, repeatably interrupted by Jeff’s loud and infectious guffaws and giggles. He is a big man and has a big sense of humour.

Jeff is probably most well known for playing Larry Davids agent in the brilliant TV show Curb Your Enthusiasm. Apparently Jeff pitched the idea for the show to Larry who loved it and insisted that Jeff get a big part in it, thus changing his life.

Larry David is the guest on the first episode and you get a good idea of their close friendship in this ep. Amazingly Larry David seems to be almost exactly as he portrays himself on his show, maybe more so.

Jeff has also had long and close friendships with an amazing number of other comedians over the years who all come along for a chat. Some highlights include Conan O’Brien, Will Ferrell, Sarah Silverman, Henry Rollins and Michael Moore. One of my favourite conversations was with former Men At Work frontman Colin Hays.

Jeff is easily distracted, suffering as he does with ADD but he keeps the chat moving along and generally steers it clear of getting too serious or downbeat. It looks like it only ran fortnightly for the year 2013 resulting in 26 episodes, but it is well worth it for an hour of fun with interesting people.

By The Way, In Conversation with Jeff Garlin

It’z anutha Toozday Y’all! FTCF!

AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

You know you are into something special when two grown men are touching pitches every Tuesday on a podcast. Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson are the two men, maybe not fully grown but big enough for fun.

The Crabfeast

The Crabfeast is an often hilarious podcast where Sickler and Larson have a guest comedian on and they generally dig around in that persons life and past to get a better insight into who they are. Of course they reveal a lot about their own interesting lives along the way. There is a classic bit they do nearly every episode where the guest is talking about someone in their distant past when Ryan pulls them up and says something like”..wait, hold on. hold on, you won’t believe this but…COME ON OUT (whoever it is) Get out here!…”  Well, you’ll have to listen in to get the joke but it cracks me up everytime.

One of their best returning guests is Jen Kirkman who gets on with the boys really well. Also Wil Anderson appeared in a revealing episode and I think has done some live gigs with the Feasters.

A really funny podcast from a great couple of friends… Get some.